the origin story...

The Beginning

Like any great story, this one begins with the protagonist bumbling around and not recognizing their full potential and being struck by lightening endowing them with great power...sort of. The lightening was a bolt of inspiration and the great power is
Adobe Creative Suite...this is not the best origin story but it's mine.  

Actually, I was one of many creatives in the church world longing to make a difference with my content but quickly feeling drained by the constant demand to design fresh new content as well as keep up with the daily and weekly design needs of a modern church . My creativity suffered  and I didn't really recognize it at the time but I was hitting the creative wall more and more.

The desire for excellence in church creatives is at an all time high but knowing  most of us can't add new design hires
creates a tension and that was the beginning of the vision of tentpeg support the church,
help creativity flow and promote healthy balance.

Why tentpeg?

One day I was on a road trip with my family and it struck me, there are so many people out there like me that desire to make an impact for the Kingdom of God in the creative realm but they are just maxed out and need some room to breathe, to allow the creativity to flow again.

That was the moment tentpeg was born.

Based on Isaiah 54:13 - tentpeg refers to expanding your influence, stretching out your tent pegs to make room for more people.

This Scripture has been an important one for our team and is the roadmap for the future of this company.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to come along side churches and faith-based groups to help them visually communicate in clear and effective ways while easing strain on their creatives and eliminating the need for additional full time design hires.

Our model is simple but effective because it was born from a simple concept; you can't create when you're stressed, so you need to reduce the load to let creativity flow again.

In the short term we want to help you create cool stuff. In the long term we want to help raise a generation of young, fulfilled  designers all working toward exalting Jesus and pointing people to the Kingdom of God.