Tentpeg will be closed on Dec. 25th and running smaller teams through Dec, Dec 29 in observance of Christmas and team Sabbath week. Requests may take longer during this time.
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Speaking of Rome...

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is super cool content 😉 We take on average 2-3 business days to get you your request - it can be much faster but that's what we initially ask for. Obviously website, apps and brand packages take longer but we'll communicate about that. We'll edit and update until you're happy and sign off. Once you're on board we'll give you access to request forms that you can fill out and submit at your leisure - we'll take that form and its details and assign it to a designer. From there we'll work like the dickens to get you the design you're looking for. Your requests will be completed in the order they were submitted, unless you specify otherwise in the check box on the request form. Please note that an unusually high amount of requests or overly complicated design requests, will affect turn around time. It's also really important to remember that we won't always know what you need unless you ask. We'll be waiting on you to tell us what you want us to make. So fill out the forms or contact us via email and we'll get to work. You have the right to cancel the retainer at any time (unless on a larger design package). Any jobs in-process will be halted. Tentpeg also reserves the right to cancel at renewal time. In this case, we will notify you in advance so we can finish up open requests. You can reach out at any time and we're great at responding to your questions. If you wanna chat more about anything, feel free to schedule a call with one of our team 🙂

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