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One-time packages

Do you have a large upcoming or special event like a conference or holiday? Are you getting ready to launch a book or bible study? Let us ease the pressure and help you create all you need to announce and promote your event as well as all the digital graphics and print you need for the days during! We'll brand your event and make sure you have cohesive multi-platform media package to encourage people to join you and engage!


Sure, is! Obviously, this depends on request complexity and each request has a turn around time but we’ll never tell you that you’ve reached your limit. It’s all about prioritizing what you want first.

Tentpeg’s base unlimited plans are designed to serve a single entity’s regular monthly design & Web needs. Most single-campus churches typically need less than 15 elements created in any given month. Sometimes, this amount may increase during the busier ministry seasons of Christmas, Easter, conferences etc. We call these plans “unlimited” to help you not worry about hitting any limit in busier months. If you have a month with a need for 20 projects, go for it!

However, if your church regularly needs 20+ projects created monthly, or 5+ larger projects (booklets, conference packs etc) we will need to work with you on our Pro Plan with a customized monthly plan price. The Pro Plan ensures that you can still receive your media requests promptly and at a high-quality standard.

As a rule we ask for 2-3 days but it’s usually much quicker. If you’re requesting something super complex we’ll let you know that it’ll take longer but we work to be on time and collaborate with you to make sure you’re happy.

Absolutely, we’ll keep updating the design until you’re happy and sign off!

In the lowest tier you can cancel anytime, we’ll finish any open requests and we can part ways (though tears). On the other options we request more notice of cancelation purely for the reason that if we’re building a site or app the volume of the work requires more of a commitment. We do those in 6 month contracts with the option to go monthly after or walk away. Tentpeg retains the right to cancel any client agreement at any time.

We’re just a bunch of God-loving creatives. We have fun every day and get so much joy from what we do and we’d like to think that is clear when you work with us Once you’re a client you can reach out anytime for any reason, we love to build relationship and we know that as our team gets to know you more, things will only get easier.

As a team we believe in taking a Sabbath –  a day of rest from work. For us that day is Saturday and although we won’t respond directly that day, we’ll do all we can to complete open requests and jump in fresh the next morning 🙂