Tentpeg will be closed on Dec. 25th and running smaller teams through Dec, Dec 29 in observance of Christmas and team Sabbath week. Requests may take longer during this time.
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Pro Graphic Design Package

Before we begin designing, let’s make this an official partnership!

This Retainer Agreement is being made with Tentpeg, LLC for our pro design package.

The client will receive unlimited graphic design with the understanding that one project will be fulfilled at a time. All requests will be submitted via the request form provided and all projects will be completed in 2-3 business days.

** This may vary depending on the scope of the project. Should more time be needed we will notify you before starting the project.

This Agreement will become effective on the date signed and will last until the client cancels the retainer. Tentpeg reserves the right to end the retainer at any time. Once the retainer is ended, all completed files will be turned over to the client. If the retainer is ended before the billing cycle is complete, no refunds for unused time will be granted. Tentpeg will continue to work for the client until the end of the billing cycle.

Tentpeg will invoice you on the first of each month for the amount of $1000 with payment due upon receipt.

If you agree to these terms, please type your name below:*